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Bitcoin Traders

If you’re new to trading and you’ve already chosen bitcoin as the cryptocurrency you’d like to work with, here are 6 steps for you to remember as a starter trader.



 Find the broker that best suits you 

Searching for a broker is not something easy to do. There are many companies with so many different offers. The following are 3 main aspects for you to consider when about to choose a broker to work with:
? Regulations ? Costs ? Tools ? Fees ? Trust



 Know the platform  

Cryptocurrency brokers generally offer their own software available for different devices, and each system is very similar to each other. You’ll have to spend valuable time on learning everything about the software and how it works, learning also about each feature and where they are located at, and how to use them.

When opening the platform for the first time, you may feel kind of lost and this is completely normal. Spend some more time and continue learning about it. Don’t worry. You’ll get through this and in a very short time you’ll feel comfortable with the program.



3 Learn and be informed. 

In this case, about Bitcoin. Always be up to date and well informed on this subject.
When doing your research on any cryptocurrency and gathering information, make a collection of the sites, blogs, or forums that best work for you to be on top of the subject every day.

See what other traders do; see how professional traders deal with their operations, what indicators they use. Watch videos about this.
These are very important things to point out. Being aware of all of this let’s you be able to predict the potential, and the impact a cryptocurrency may have.





4 Pay attention to the price. Is it low? Is it high? 

Will it remain in that range? For how long? Should I buy now? Should I sell now? These are all very common questions we all ask ourselves when we start trading.
You may find yourself in situations where it may seem that bitcoin is going to be increasing its value for an extended period of time; however, try to stay away from the temptation of going long with operations and leaving orders open for days in your beginner stages.


5 Practice 

Practice is needed. It’s useful to go into demo mode, buy some bitcoin, set your limits, see how the market is behaving before exposing your real money.


6 What affects the price of bitcoin? 

There are many variables that directly influence over bitcoin’s price and can make it go up or down. For this, you’ll also need to be informed and up to date; gather your sources for news about bitcoin. This is mostly ignored by starters and it’s the most common mistake among them. Be one step ahead. Some important factors that may affect bitcoin’s price could be regulations of a government, any type of innovative or technological changes. People or companies with the power of influencing the market can significantly affect bitcoin’s price as well.
Bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading can be profitable, but only if you know how to. By now, you hopefully know enough to start this exciting adventure.


Find the broker that best suits you


Know the platform


Learn and be informed.


Pay attention to the price. Is it low? Is it high?




What affects the price of bitcoin?


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