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If you are new to the blockchain technology, the chances are that you do not have a full understanding of that it actually is. That’s alright! You still have millions of people around the world who are interested in knowing about this technology but know nothing as of now. They want to know the mechanics of the technology, and of course, the scope of it in the future. Despite being around for some time, there are still some confusion in the minds of the people about how this technology works and how it is different from what’s already out there in the world.

Before You Find Places to Learn about the Blockchain

Before you even start your search for a place that teaches you about the blockchain technology, you have to make up your mind why you want to learn it. People have different motives associated with the learning of this technology. Some want to learn because they want to know whether or not cryptocurrencies stand a chance in the economy of the world. Some people want to know the technology because they want to become developers. You know people who have already come up with many cryptocurrencies are actually developing their technologies based on how the blockchain works.

So, you have to decide why you want to learn about it. If you are just curious because you want to start trading cryptocurrencies, you might just want to know the basics of this technology rather than going deep in details. On the other hand, if you want to develop applications based on the blockchain, you will have to go through a big learning phase. However, if you are already a programmer who understands computer coding, you should not have too much problem in learning the blockchain.

Busting the Myth about Learning the Blockchain

Another important thing that every person who wants to understand the workings of the blockchain should know is that there is a lot of misconception around this technology and its understanding. You might be looking for someone who can teach you through a course how this technology works and how you can make money from it. That would be a myth per se. Why? That’s because the blockchain is an underlying technology, not an instrument, tool, software, etc. that you can learn in a few minutes, hours or days.

Learning the blockchain is more like saying that you want to learn the internet. Of course, you can learn how to use the internet and the many facets of it but you can’t learn the internet. That’s a technology in itself. You can learn how to drive a car, but you can’t learn a car, can you? That’s the most important thing you have to understand when you want to learn about the blockchain. People will tell you the mechanics of this technology, and then you will have to figure out how you want to develop applications on it. You will still be using more or less the same conventions, programming languages, coding, etc. that you use already.

The Best Places to Learn the Blockchain

So, coming to the most important question, “Where can I learn blockchain technology?” There are many places that you can visit online to learn about the blockchain. The learning will come slowly as you continue to understand the concepts one by one. However, you will not take too much time in learning the whole concept because it is not that difficult.

Online Forums and Blogs

The first thing you would want to do is to join online forums and blogs that are specific to the blockchain technology. There are many people who have started their blogs only to discuss the blockchain technology, how it works, and where it is going in the future. You will know a lot about the technology by reading the articles and posts from these people. In addition to that, you can talk to them by leaving comments on their posts. You will be surprised to know how responsive these people are. It has to be noted here that people are new to this technology and are looking for any way to learn more about it.

Even the person writing a blog is just as much curious to know about the blockchain as you are. Perhaps, you know a few points that the blogger does not.

In addition to blogs, you should join online forums where people discuss this technology in deep details. The best online forum where a lot of discussion takes place about this technology is Reddit. You will find many subreddits on Reddit that talk specifically about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, specific digital coins, etc. There is a lot for you to learn on these online platforms.

Youtube Videos

You cannot ignore the importance of Youtube videos in learning about the blockchain. The most important thing you have to know here is that videos can explain everything to you with graphics and visuals. That’s what you need when you want to learn about a new technology. There are many concepts that might seem very complex only unless you have a simple illustration in front of you in the form of animations that simplifies everything for you. These Youtubers make regular videos explaining the technology and giving you tips on how you can benefit from it.

New Websites

You cannot ignore the importance of news websites in learning about the blockchain. News websites are always sharing something new from this market and about everything that affects the blockchain in any possible way. This way, you get to know about the factors that play a role in the success or failure of this technology. At the same time, you will sometimes find interviews from people and crypto-analysts on these news websites that can further simplify the concept of the blockchain for you.

Final Thoughts

With access to the internet, there is no problem in learning about the blockchain or any other technology for that matter. You just have to make sure that you put you learning to good use. You should either consider becoming a developer of a new application on the blockchain or start trading to profit from cryptocurrency trading.


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